In the Vinnova project "Swedish Graphene", 2D fab jointly with Woxna Graphite AB develop unique products from one of the two graphite mines in Europe. The goal of the project is to produce "Swedish Graphene" and determine whether the "jumbo flakes" found in their mine, can provide unique properties. "Jumbo flakes" will be compared with various commercial products. "Swedish graphene" will also be tested in various applications such as conductive inks, energy and barriers.

2D fab has etablished collaborations with companys, such as Stora Enso, Tetrapak, Polykemi, Battenfeld and Saintpro. We also cooperate with other companies on a more informal basis.

Vinnova has given establishment support to graphen producing companies. 2D fab has obtained financing for, in return, creating partnerships with Swedish companies in need of graphene.

2D fab will also participate in the EU COST 1405 initiative targeting new innovations in the packaging area. It is expected that printed electronics, where the electrically conductive inks are an important component, will be an important part of the initiative.