2D fab is a large-scale manufacturer of green graphene. We offer the world’s most cost-efficient high-quality graphene products, with years of experience and research behind our manufacturing process.

Our business is based on the enormous potential of graphene and its incredible properties. The material is stronger than steel, harder than diamond and conducts electricity better than copper, to name a few of its superior properties.

2D fab was founded in 2013 by Sven Forsberg, engineer and tech. lic. Sven has a background in research and development, but has also worked with project management, entrepreneurship and as project manager at the Mid Sweden University. Our business is based on many years of research, and our production method is highly competitive since it is scalable, cost-efficient and sustainable.

Cost-efficient and customer adapted

2D fabs production process is designed for customization, meaning that we can tailor the price/performance ratio to fit your products need. It is also very cost-efficient since we have managed to create a process where we have a very low energy consumption compared to other manufacturing methods.

Scalable and sustainable

Besides the fact that 2D fab’s manufacturing process is cost-efficient and customer adapted, it is also easily scalable and therefor suitable for industrial volumes. The scalability also enables licensing and other very exciting business concepts. Additionally, our process is hydromechanical and very energy-efficient – both making the manufacturing more environmentally friendly.

Our vision

2D fab strives for an automated, high-tech, self-adopting and AI-based production of two-dimensional materials. The graphene market is expected to explode, and we aim to become the largest, and best, graphene producer in Europe within a decade.