Customer adapted graphene

Our graphene is adapted to the customer application, thus securing an optimal performance cost ratio. Our new production line enables production of single, multilayer and nano platelets depending on your needs. In addition, we can deliver graphene as suspensions or as powders. The choice of dispersants affects the surface chemistry of our products.

The properties of our graphene are dependent on the raw material (graphite) used in production. Therefore, we offer to help you get the best raw material for your application. Flake size, size distributions and impurities in the raw material will be reflected in the graphene properties. By choosing the optimal raw material for your application, we offer you the best graphene with regards to performance, quality and cost.

Graphene can be used in multiple application. Our graphene is most suitable for bulk products such as coatings, additive to polymers and printing inks using graphene's unique set of properties to give strength, thermal and/or electrical conductivity to the product.

Please, let us know what properties you need, and we will deliver graphene for your application