Sundsvall 2020-07-02


2D fab has strengthened the company’s Board of Directors with external expertise, having solid and fit-for-purpose experience. We are very happy to welcome Eva Nordlander, Anders Hjärpe and Olof Carlstoft.

This spring we announced that we were looking to strengthen the Board of Directors as part of the company’s expansion. We are pleased that we met a great deal of interest and received plenty of applications from highly qualified candidates. On May 28th the new Board Members were officially elected at the Annual General Meeting. One of the new members is Eva Nordlander, CEO and Fund Manager at Almi Invest Mitt. Eva has proven experience in leading and developing businesses, as well as a great understanding of entrepreneurship, corporate governance and early stage investments.

Anders Hjärpe is another new recruitment to the Board. Anders has been an active entrepreneur and business angel through various investment companies and company accelerators. He also has extensive top-level management experience from large scale companies, both listed and privately held, as well as a broad Management Board experience from several different companies.

Last but not least, we want to welcome the Chairman of the Board, Olof Carlstoft. Olof has over twenty years of experience in establishing and developing businesses as CoB in owner-led companies. He also has vital knowledge of the Swedish capital market and important insights into the process of raising capital.

– I am honored to be elected and are really looking forward to join forces with the rest of the team. 2D fab has got a great business potential and I promise to do all I can to enable and unleash that potential, Olof emphasizes.

2D fab's founder, Sven Forsberg, re-elected to the Board of Directors, is excited:

– This is a great team and I believe that we together have what it takes to further develop and expand our company into a new Swedish industry and a true success story.

Sundsvall 2020-06-29



”We have started a factory where we can produce ten tons graphene per year. This, however, is still a small amount. There will be hundreds of thousands of tons in the end” says 2D fab's CEO Sven Forsberg in the feature, broadcast by SVT Rapport. Hear what else he has to say about about the enormous potential of graphene, the future and our new production plant (in Swedish)

Forskningsframsteg – framtidens supermaterial i ny fabrik

The feature was made by SVT Västernorrland and broadcast by national news program SVT Rapport on June 28th 2020. Link to SVT Västernorrland.

Sundsvall 2020-06-15


2D fab has recently closed a new share issue of approximately €700k. The capital will primarily be used for developing the organization and for commercializing our graphene products.

The share issue was directed to a limited number of investors, having received the offer either via the company's executive management or via G&W Fondkommission. Through this transaction 2D fab welcomes eleven new owners, among them Malmö based Polynom Investment.

– We met a great deal of interest in this transaction, which ended up oversubscribed. We are pleased that our current owners E14 Invest and Almi Invest continue to support us, but also happy to have Polynom Investment and other active new owners on board, says Olof Carlstoft, chairman of the Board of 2D fab.

The capital will primarily be used to commercialize our battery anode material, which theoretically can increase the storage capacity by 8 times compared to graphite, commonly used in today’s li-ion battery anodes. Parts of the capital raised will also be used for strengthening the company's sales and executive positions.

– We see a great potential in our graphene-based anode material, that we now have the means to commercialize. We will immediately proceed with a collaboration project, where we join forces with a listed company, for the development and commercialization of paper-based battery anodes, explains CEO Sven Forsberg.

For more information contact Björn Forsberg, Head of Investor Relations, by mail bjorn.forsberg (at)

About G&W Fondkommission
G&W Fondkommission is a Swedish privately owned and independent Boutique Investment Bank specializing in Equity financing for Nordic companies, primarily within clean tech, life science and technology. G&W Fondkommission was founded in 1998 and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Service Authority (”Finansinspektionen”)

About Polynom Investment
Polynom Investment is a Swedish investment company based in Malmö. Polynom primarily invests in companies with a high return potential in relation to risk. The company has a large and active network of investors, who likes to involve themselves in their investments.

About Almi Invest
Almi Invest is Sweden's most active investor in startups - a venture capital company that invests throughout Sweden via 8 regional venture capital companies and a national venture capital company. With the help of some 40 Investment Managers, about 50 new investments are made per year.

About E14 Invest
E14 Invest, founded in 2018, is a co-investment company with about 30 shareholders. The base is in Åre and investments are mainly made in scalable growth companies that are located along the E14 highway from Sundsvall to Trondheim.

Sundsvall 2020-06-11


Every year, bacterial growth on medical devices causes a large number of infections. This leads to suffering for millions of patients and large expenses for the health care system. Together with Chalmers University and Wellspect HealthCare, we are now developing an antibacterial surface for medical devices with potential to minimize the damage caused by health-related infections.

Health-related infections affect about four million European patients every year. The vast majority of these infections can be linked to the use of medical devices and implants that provide a platform for bacteria to grow. The infections have to be treated with antibiotics, which increases the risk of the developing antibiotic resistance.

To minimize that risk, to reduce suffering for patients and to cut the € 7 billion in cost that these infections come with, Wellspect HealthCare and Chalmers University are investigating an effective and affordable antibacterial surface for medical devices. 2D fab's graphene has a key role in this project due to its unique characteristics.

The project, which is funded by SIO Graphene, is a follow-up on an earlier collaboration. The last project showed that upright graphene flakes effectively prevents bacterial colonialization, since the flakes harm the bacteria’s membrane, killing it before it attaches to the substrate. The previous project also demonstrated that this method has potential to work against most bacterial types. Also, it only affects the bacteria’s attempt to colonize the surface, so no new development of resistance is induced.

The goal of this project is to improve the production method and develop the process so that it can be used in medical devices, and thereby reduce the risk of health-related infections.

The project will run from May 2020 to May 2022.

Read more about the project
2D fabs graphene increases production efficiency with 30-50%
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Sundsvall 2020-04-10


The Italian company Kemind Srl have developed new glue concepts for corrugators using 2D fab’s graphene. And the results are great.

By adding graphene to the glue formula in the corrugating process, the company has managed to increase production efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality for various corrugated board products. Production efficiency increase of between 30-50% can be obtained for double and triple walled heavy grades, while energy and glue consumption in single and double walled board grades can be reduced substantially.

– The numbers Kemind are presenting are incredible. To obtain 30-50% increase in production efficiency makes a huge difference for any company, says 2D fab’s CEO Sven Forsberg. Yet again graphene shows just how extraordinary of a material it is, and what difference it can make.

The graphene-based concepts have been in commercial use since late fall 2019, and significant expansion of these products is projected in the near future.

Lear more about graphene and what it can do for you and your company
Learn more about Kemind and their new graphene-based corrugated board applications

Sundsvall 2020-04-05


The American organization National Graphene 2D Association write about 2D fab and our environmentally friendly production process.

Sweden's 2D Fab is a large-scale manufacturer of green graphene and they are serious about the green.

We developed an energy-efficient production process that is based on hydromechanical exfoliation of graphite. Our products are free from solvents and we use natural graphite to produce our graphene products,” said Dr. Britta Andres who is in Product Development with a focus on battery technology.

Read the full story

Sundsvall 2020-03-04


Are you committed, business minded and result oriented? Then we may have the assignment for you!

As part of the company's expansion, 2D fab intends to strengthen the Board of Directors. If you are interested, please download our ad down below, and send us your application. The closing date is Friday 20 March 2020.

2D fab strengthens Board of Directors (In Swedish)

Sundsvall 2019-12-09


CEO Sven Forsberg talks about graphene and 2D Fab in Dagens Nyheters innovation supplement.

Graphene is harder than diamond, and almost 300 times stronger than steel. The material conducts electricity better than copper and can also be bent to the desired shape. The positive properties of the material enable revolutionary products, with everything from improved plastic to more energy efficient aircraft and cars.

– We manufacture graphene on a large scale, and at a very good price. This is often difficult to do with this type of material, but with our solution graphene can compete well with other materials, says Sven Forsberg, CEO of 2D fab.

Download to read the full article

Sundsvall 2019-11-21


By the beginning of 2020 2D fab’s new plant will be up and running. To assure a quick start, we have been improving the production process through pilot runs and continuous refinements at the new premises.

A year ago, the company decided to increase the production capacity to 10 tons graphene per annum by building a new plant. Apart from increased capacity, extended quality control and a higher degree of automation has been important focus points during this project. By conducting test and pilot runs at the new premises we have been refining the production process step by step. Assuring high quality graphene.

– By performing several test runs we have now reached the point where process conditions are settled. The assembly of the new plant is just taking place, says Roland Bäck, process developer at 2D fab.

The construction of the plant is scheduled to be completed and ready to go by February 2020.

Sundsvall 2019-11-07


Every year SIO Graphene organizes Graphene Forum, where actors from academia, industry and institutes gather. Next year the forum is taking place in Sundsvall, and a tour of the 2D fab’s premises has been promised by CEO Sven Forsberg.

SIO Graphene is a strategic innovation program that works for Swedish companies to become world leaders in utilizing graphene. For the past five years they have been arranging a result workshop, Graphene Forum, where innovation projects within the program are presented. In 2020, this workshop will take place in Sundsvall.

– We are very happy that Graphene Forum is coming to Sundsvall next year, says 2D fab’s CEO Sven Forsberg and continues, I have already promised a tour of the company's premises.

The next event planned by SIO Graphene is called Graphene Battery Workshop. It will be held in Uppsala November 28th, and we are happy to announce that 2D fab’s Sven Forsberg is one of the speakers. Do you want to learn more about state of the art graphene battery research and innovation? Sign up and join us there:

Graphene Battery Workshop 2019

Sundsvall 2019-10-21


When an aircraft is struck by lightning, the results are often harrowing for its passengers and potentially destructive for the vehicle. Together with SAAB and Blackwing Sweden, 2D fab has developed new components for the aviation industry that offer increased lightning strike protection and strength.

The project, called Multigraph, was launched in 2017 with the mission to create better components for the aviation industry. The aim was to use graphene’s multifunctional properties to increase the mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of the materials used, the latter reducing the amount of maintenance required due to lightning strikes.

Enhanced strength by graphene comes with more durable materials and lighter weights – which lowers fuel consumption. What electrical conductivity does, among other things, is to redistribute the energy from the point of impact of a lightning strike, which decreases damage. Something that is especially important where the different segments attach to each other, for example where the wings connect to the airframe.

Aeronautics implementation a milestone for graphene use
Multigraph, partly financed by Vinnova, is a collaboration between 2D fab, SAAB, Blackwing Sweden, Chalmers and two Brazilian universities (UFABC and ITA). The results – presented October 10th at the Brazilian-Swedish workshop on aeronautics in Stockholm – are to be considered a success: by adding graphene to the polymers used, electrical conductivity and strength both improved. 2D fab’s CEO Sven Forsberg, is pleased with the results.

– This project shows that graphene works, and that there is huge potential for this material. It also brings graphene yet another step closer to the market.

2D fab and SAAB have been granted renewed funding from Vinnova and will continue working toward better components for the aviation industry.

Sundsvall 2019-05-23


We are very happy to announce that 2D fab has been assigned a place on the prestigious 33-list, for the second year in a row.

The 33-list is one of the most distinguished contests for startup companies within the Swedish tech industry. For twelve consecutive years Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden – two leading journals in Sweden – have compiled the list. To get selected, the jury requires the companies to be innovative and to have international potential.

Companies – which during their early years – have been on the 33-list include international successes as Spotify, Truecaller and Izettle. 2D fab entered the list in 2018, and we are very proud to announce that the company qualified for this year’s list as well.

– It is the most recognized list of promising tech companies, so it means a lot, says Sven Forsberg, CEO at 2D fab.

Sundsvall 2019-04-02


2D fab welcomes 16 new owners, among them ALMI Invest and E14 Invest. The capital will primarily be used to expand the production capacity and intensify the relationship with potential volume customers.

The issue, which was oversubscribed, was not offered to the public, but only to those investors who received the offer directly from the executive management. Among the larger investors are E14 Invest and ALMI Invest Mitt. Through the issue, the company has 16 new owners. The largest owner is Sven Forsberg, the company's CEO and founder.

– Among the new, larger owners, we especially welcome ALMI Invest Mitt and E14 Invest and its investor network, which together sign up for just over €350K. Getting ALMI as an owner is very beneficial, because it is an owner which both supports and sets operational targets It is also a quality mark for us to become one of their carefully selected investments. E14 Invest is a perfect complement, as they enter this with a great commitment, a lot of energy and a network of knowledge and experience, says Björn Forsberg, 2D fabs Sales Director.

The capital will primarily be used to expand the production capacity and intensify the relationship with potential volume customers. Parts of the capital will also be used for continued process and product development.

For more information contact Björn Forsberg by mail bjorn.forsberg (at)

About Almi Invest
Almi Invest is Sweden's most active investor in startups - a venture capital company that invests throughout Sweden via 8 regional venture capital companies and a national venture capital company. With the help of some 40 Investment Managers, about 50 new investments are made per year.

About E14 Invest
E14 Invest, founded in 2018, is a co-investment company with about 30 shareholders who together invested €120K. The base is in Åre and investments are mainly made in scalable growth companies that are located along the E14 highway from Sundsvall to Trondheim.

Sundsvall 2019-03-09


2D fab is intercalating graphene and graphite to improve electrical conductivity – providing the opportunity to further customize products.

We work actively to improve our processes, something that applies to both raw material and products. A very interesting track that we follow is "doping" the graphene (intercalation). Between the graphene layers of graphite or multi-layer graphene, it is possible to get different chemical compounds to diffuse. This can give both graphite and graphene new properties and provide us with the opportunity to customize our products. Our target is to offer our customers the best possible price/performance ratio.

We have two ongoing projects focusing on doping. In the first, sponsored by EIT Raw Material, graphite is intercalated. It provides a graphite that is easier to exfoliate into graphene, but which also provides better electrical conductivity. This will be of great benefit when we expand our production.

In the second project, the graphene is doped, with the goal of increasing electrical conductivity, but also with the hope of increasing the thermal conductivity. Even here we see improved electrical properties, but unfortunately they diminish over time. We are now actively working to extend the life of doped graphene.

Sundsvall 2018–11-29


The collaboration with SaltX enters new phase. Ahlstrom-Munksjö to scale up testing.

2D fab is a strategic partner and supplier of graphene in a collaboration project between the energy storage company SaltX Technology and the industry leader Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which manufactures fiber-based products. This project now enters a new phase where production tests will be done in larger scale.

In the project SaltX and Ahlstrom-Munksjö develops and tests an industrial process for large scale manufacturing of graphene coated paper with added nano coated salt. Graphene increases the heat conductivity capacity in the SaltX material up to five times, which implies a potential cost cut of 80% in the SaltX energy storage material. The project started in March 2018 and will run over two years.

– To meet the increase in graphene demand from these production tests and coming, forecasted commercial volumes in this collaboration, we now need to expand our production capacity dramatically. That graphene coating of paper works technically, and that we are now one step closer to commercial market volumes of graphene is exciting, says Sven Forsberg, CEO of 2D fab.

Sundsvall 2018-11-28


In order to meet increased demand of graphene, 2D fabs increases production capacity to 10 tons per annum in 2020.

2D fab's hydromechanical process, which technically is uncomplicated to expand, is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2020. Extended quality control and higher degree of automation are two areas that at the same time will gain focus.

In support of the establishment of the plant, 2D fab receives approximately €170K from Vinnova's strategic innovation program “Grafen”, which aims to increase the use of graphene in the Swedish industry. The money from the project "10 ton" will be used to develop a new exfoliator and implement it in an industrial process. The produced graphene is to be tested in a semi-finished product, which is then used as the input in an end product that is industrially manufactured by another actor participating in the project.

– 10 tpa (tons per annum) is a good start in building a new Swedish industry, which has a very large global market," says Sven Forsberg, 2D fab's CEO.

In the project "10 ton" – which lasts over 18 months and will be finalized in June 2020 – 2D fab is the project coordinator. Estimated funds are distributed over time and under different conditions, including compliance with the project plan.

– With large volumes, factors other than today will determine the production cost of graphene, not least the cost of energy. As we have an extremely energy efficient manufacturing method, we will be able to deliver the graphene at really attractive prices. We are on the market to be a leader and this project is a leap in that direction, concludes Sven Forsberg.

Sundsvall 2018-05-17


Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden – two leading Swedish journals – have been awarding new, innovative tech companies for over 10 years. May 16th they presented this year’s winners – with 2D fab as one of the companies.

The 33-list, awarding the most promising companies, is one of the most prestigious contests for startup companies within the Swedish tech industry. To get selected, the jury requires the companies to be innovative and have international potential.

We are very happy to declare that 2D fab qualified for this year’s list.

– This means a great deal to us. It is important to be seen, both by investors and customers, says Sven Forsberg, CEO at 2D fab.

Umeå 2018-04-26


Today’s pitch competition in Umeå will select one company for direct qualification to the list of the 33 hottest tech startups in Sweden.

The tour for nomination of the top 33 most promising startups in Sweden has reached Umeå. Three selected companies are invited to pitch at the event in Umeå today, and 2D fab is one of them. Today’s winner will qualify directly to the 33-list. The list has become a yearly highlight for entrepreneurial technology startups since its inception in 2008. The competition was created by Ny Teknik and Affärsvärlden (two Swedish journals) to showcase the new young tech companies of tomorrow. During past years companies like Skype and Spotify have enforced the position of Sweden as an innovative country. But which are the startups that have the potential to become the giants in the future?

Sundsvall 2018-01-03


We are happy to announce that 2D fab has entered a collaboration agreement with a technology leader in the energy storage market segment.

2D fab produces graphene and develops customer products using graphene. Our focus is on products that best utilize the inherent mechanical strength of graphene, such as bulletproof plastics, and/or its unique conductivity, both thermal and electrical. We see very large future volumes of graphene in both of these areas, and we have already had good cooperation within the polymer area. It is therefore very pleasing that we have now found an innovative industrial partner regarding thermal conductivity.

The collaboration agreement is well in line with our ambition to become one of Europe's largest manufacturers of graphene. As part of the agreement, we will also evaluate different strategies for production and delivery scale up. The agreement also gives us the opportunity to build relationships with an important and potentially very large customer, and we see it as a steppingstone to the market for products with extreme conductivity capabilities.

Sundsvall 2017-11-02


Together with SAAB and Blackwing Sweden, 2D fab will develop new components to the aviation industry.

It is the combination of the strength and the electrical conductivity which makes graphene very interesting for the aviation industry. Graphene will contribute to lighter components that will withstand lightning better and thereby reduce the maintenance need.

– We realize that the same type of composite properties are of great interest for the automotive industry as well, although that is a longer term goal. The potential in these markets is huge when we see it taking off. says 2D fab's CEO Sven Forsberg.

Sundsvall 2017-10-27


2D fab enters collaboration to improve accuracy in radiation measurement during cancer treatment. Together with Scandidos, Akzo Nobel and Acreo we will develop a new technology to manufacture ACA utilizing graphene.

Electronics components are today often mounted with ACA (Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives). Metal is included to get electrical conductivity in the adhesive, but that causes problems in many applications. Scandidos has products measuring radiation during cancer treatments. Metals interact with the radiation and make the measurements less accurate than metal free ACA using graphene.

Sundsvall 2017-07-18


The 3D manufacturing market develops rapidly, and there is a pronounced demand to be able to print electrically conducting materials.

2D fab is developing a value chain in close customer collaboration, aiming to take the material to the market. This project is well in line with other customer collaborations to develop graphene polymer composites.

This project has been granted funding from Sweden’s Innovations Agency, Vinnova, and their 2017 program “Innovative startups”

Sundsvall 2017-07-16


Graphene from 2D fab is part of an anti-bacterial surface now being commercialized by Wellspect HealthCare.

Health and medic care are very interesting market segments for graphene applications, as they can carry more costs than many other segments. Together with researchers from Chalmers University, Wellspect HealthCare has developed an ani-bacterial surface with graphene as an active component. And the company has chosen 2D fab as a collaboration partner. Wellspect has applied for a patent for the surface, and now the work begins to commercialise the idea.

Sundsvall 2017-02-15


2D fab and Saintpro has initiated a collaboration to develop the next generation of composites for bulletproof products.

Saintpro manufactures protective equipment with extreme demands on materials. Together with graphene from 2D fab, the goal is to further increase the performance of their products. 2D fab will conduct a feasibility study with the aim to introduce graphene in Saintpro’s gear.

– Bringing graphene into the composite market is an important step for us, says Sven Forsberg, 2D fab’s CEO. It is also pleasing to greet Sören Halvarsson welcome as an employee at 2D fab. Sören will participate in the project, and since he is an expert in polymer composites and holds a PdD on the subject, it feels great to have him join the company at this time.

Sundsvall 2016-05-02


The production of graphene flakes from Swedish raw materials has commenced in the startup company 2D fab. Now, collaboration with customers to customize the properties of the material into various products is ongoing.

2D fab has developed a unique process in which the company produces graphene flakes from graphite. The company is working intensively on developing the process that exfoliates graphite by fluid mechanical exfoliation. The method is particularly suited in preventing damage to the graphite when it is decomposed into graphene flakes.

There are many different types of graphite, but most mines around the world do not have the advantages of graphite from Swedish Woxna Graphite owned mine – Kringelgruvan – in Edsbyn. The mine has an unusually high grade of graphite with so-called "jumbo flakes" meaning graphite with very large grains. The graphite decomposes until it is just one layer of carbon atoms thick. Woxnas graphite gives an advantage, when exfoliated, in that it results in very large graphene flakes. The first Swedish flakes from Woxna have now been produced with 2D fab’s unique process.

– The large grain size has given us challenges because it becomes more difficult to separate graphene layers, but it also offers great opportunities to work with such a unique material, says Sven Forsberg, who leads both industrial production and business development at 2D fab.

The grain size is important for – among other things – the electrical conductivity if a thin film of graphene is to be used on a surface, for example in transparent conductive materials for connectors. Electrical conductivity decreases when the flakes are small due to power loss when electrons move from flake to flake. The size of the flakes is also important for the barrier properties of protective coatings. Graphene is well known for preventing molecules to pass through the material and having large flakes results in a better barrier protection.

– We want to adapt the material properties together with customers. Graphene development is currently at such an early stage that it is difficult to predict for both producers and consumers which properties are required for different products. These questions must be solved in collaboration with customers, says Sven Forsberg about the company's development.

2D fab and Woxna Graphite is working together in a project, which is part of the strategic innovation program SIO Graphene, and which objective is to develop a production chain from graphite to customized graphene. Woxna Graphite is owned by the Canadian company Flinders Resources.

Blair Way, CEO and President of Flinders has summarized the co-operation in a press release,

Flinders is very pleased with the progress made to date working with our Swedish associates at 2D fab. To actually see Woxnas graphene is a very satisfying achievement. We have the necessary components to investigate the commercialization of graphene, from Woxna concentrate, for high technology applications. Flinders Resources has also recently announced that they have a high purity product of graphite from Woxna Graphite for battery applications. Batteries become a highly interesting area also for 2D fab's graphene materials. There is a great need for better battery features, and the market for batteries is expected to grow substantially.

– The properties of our material serve many interesting application areas, from batteries to composites and barrier protection. During this year we are investigating different markets and will select the most important applications to focus on" says Sven Forsberg.

Sundsvall 2016-01-09


2D fabs wins SIO Grafen’s innovation contest on the idea of increasing electrical conductivity by doping graphene, and to use the doped graphene in electrically conductive printing inks.

– The prize provides 2D fab with €10K, but more importantly it shows that our development ideas are considered both exciting and viable, says Sven Forsberg, CEO at 2D fab.

The money will be used to further develop the concept and bring it closer to the market.

Sundsvall 2015-11-02


We are happy to announce that MIUN Holding, via its subsidiary MIUN Venture, invests in 2D fab.

– Even though the Mid Sweden University has limited resources to make this kind of investment, they give a strong signal that we have their support. It is also very well needed money in this early, and economically difficult, stage of the company’s development, says Björn Forsberg, Chairman of the Board at 2D fab.

Mats Tinnsten, MIUN Ventures’s CEO is positive as well.

– It feels good to be able to support research ideas from the Mid Sweden University, and help take them to the market.

Sundsvall 2015-10-19


A completely new designed process equipment to cost efficiently produce graphene has arrived in Sundsvall.

This means 2D fab takes one more step in cutting the product development strings with the Mid Sweden University. However, the company and the university will continue having strong research connections. 2D fab’s CEO Sven Forsberg is eager to get started.

– Now we have a few impatient weeks of waiting before we get access to functional premises for the process equipment.

Sundsvall 2015-10-01


2D fab AB will move into new premises and thereby become even more independent of the Mid Sweden University.

The premises will hold laboratory and offices, later process equipment included. We will be fully installed by the end of November.

Sundsvall 2015-09-21


The purpose and objective of the joint is to produce graphene from Swedish graphite, to identify the most appropriate applications and build value chains to the industrial use of the graphene.

2D fab, leading the project, will in addition to processing graphite into graphene also contribute with an academic network and state-of-the-art research knowledge. Woxna Graphite will prepare and pretreat the material and provide expert knowledge in the graphite area. Together with external partners, the material will be tested in e.g. electrically conductive inks.

– We are with confidence looking forward to implementing the project. The number of participants and the short geographical distance makes the project management part relatively simple. The expected project outcome has great potential," says Sven Forsberg, CEO of 2D fab.

The project is funded by Vinnova as part of the Swedish national innovation program SIO Graphene, which ambition is to strengthen cross-border cooperation within the graphene area.

About Woxna Graphite
Woxna Graphites graphite mine, located near Edsbyn in Sweden, is one of the largest mines of its kind in Europe. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian Flinders Resources.