2D fab offers the world’s most cost-efficient high-quality graphene products. We continuously improve the quality of our graphene and are now able to provide graphene masterbatches for polycarbonate compounding.

Our masterbatches have shown a 30–50% increase in stiffness with concentrations as low as 0.5–1.5wt% graphene, enabling the construction of stronger products and more lightweight redesigns.

Additionally, enhancing polycarbonate with graphene improves:

• Impact resistance
• Heat conductivity
• Electrical conductivity
• Flame resistance

Sustainable, dependable, flexible – state of the art graphene production, tailored to your needs.
Our graphite exfoliation process is sustainable, water-based and free from environmentally harmful chemicals. It results in a high quality graphene platelets mixture that match the desired end products characteristics, at the best market price. Thanks to our efficient large-scale manufacture, we offer reliable production, whether you need a continuous or customer-demand-driven supply of our products. Our flexible production process is designed for customization, meaning that we can tailor the balance of price to performance according to your product needs.

A superior choice, made possible through superior expertise and technology.
Enhancing your polymers with 2D fab graphene masterbatches enables a sustainable production process with less mechanical wear compared to many other additives, e.g. carbon and glass fibers. The improved heat conductivity allows for faster heat dissipation and cooling, reducing the cycle times in your manufacturing process, and thus increasing throughput.

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