Graphene can be used by many players in many markets, and is predicted an exciting future. Because graphene has so many unique characteristics, there is a large number of application fields in which research and development is ongoing, and the number of commercial products are likely to explode. There are several manufacturing processes for the graphene. The type 2D fab uses is primarily suitable for:
• Electrically conductive inks used in printed electronics
• Materials development, incl. composites for automotive/aviation
• Barriers, for example in the packaging
• Coating of surfaces, an application to reduce electromagnetic radiation

Graphene’s unique characteristics provide possibilities for our customers to develop products with significant improved properties. We offer partnership to develop new graphene-based products for the market. Examples of graphene-based applications that we have developed with partners are:

Polycarbonate Masterbatch

We can, together with a partner, offer a masterbatch with (5%) graphene nanoplatelets in Polycarbonate pellets. This is suitable for products that need one or many of the unique properties of graphene, for example; increased mechanical strength or enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity. The masterbatch pellets are, when processing the polycarbonate, mixed with polycarbonate pellets to the ratio needed to achieve the desired properties. The masterbatch pellets are suitable, and fully compliant with the use in injection molding, extrusion, and other commonly used polymer production processing techniques. Read more about our Polycarbonate Masterbatch here.

Heat conductive paper

We have, together with a partner, developed heat conductive paper. An inexpensive heat sink, that can be used in a number of applications such as electronics and energy. The paper also has Electro Magnetic Shielding properties.

Conductive Printing inks

Printing is a cost-effective method to give you products electrical and thermal properties. Graphene based conductive ink is cost efficient, light weight, can be modified where you need it and that it is very flexible.

We have formulated water-based printing for several different printing processes (flexo, gravure, screen). We are inviting more partners to explore the possibilities of conductive printing inks.